Chronicles of the Design & Construction of Two Waterfront Hurricane Proof Dry Stack Modular Green Custom Homes
1. Villa Lagoon, Wilder Italian Style Home
2. Nasello Italian Style Home

August 2008 Construction

While the top of the house is still open, we used the crane to lift some of the magnesium oxide board up and place it on the floor of the upper story. We will be using this board for wall board and ceilings, and floor underlayment. It is a Sheetrock replacement. MagnumBoard is an imported product that is basically waterproof, mold proof and a alternative to using gypsum board.

lifting magnesium oxide board to the top floor

NFL Building Materials delivered some lumber and I managed to run out there in the nick of time to stop him from turning around on my grass. I have GOT to get a lot more signs and barriers up out there to stop huge trucks from destroying the grass we have left.

Juan and Jose have been up on tall ladders grouting the frieze row of blocks in preparation for the next concrete back-fill pour. They put down blue masking tape before applying the tuck-pointed grout to help keep it off of the concrete acid stain designs.

Just as a storm (that never happened for us) was threatening, we received a load of cypress boards from Sun World of Fairhope, Alabama. They are for our window sill framing where the flange of the metal clad wood windows attaches and sits in the window opening. They are nice beefy planks. With the wind blowing and the sky a dark grey, everyone pitched in to get the boards unloaded. As usual, in the end,  the rain went around our little corner of the world.

Dan's carpenter came and cut the cypress to fit the bottom of the window openings and our Hydroseal folks came and applied the specialized product to the wood.

Some of our window openings lacked too much fill to use hand mixed concrete fill so they did not get the HydroStop treatment yet. You don't want any open voids in your walls in this land of high humidity. You could end up with musty smells in the house, I am told.

This is the main doorway which will get French doors.

concrete panels that need finished edges

We have these bow front blocks under the panels. It would have been best if we had received correct length bow front blocks w/ finished ends on the bow part. As it is, we are having to cut slivers of the bow part, at an angle to attach to our ends.

concrete parts angle cut to attach to edges
concrete block cutting jig

Mike made a jig to facilitate the cutting of these necessary slivers at a miter cut angle.

These threaded rods are to go on the top row of blocks. The rods will be embedded into the concrete back fill. The cornice blocks will be lowered over the rods and washers and nuts will give extra security to the stabilization of the heavy concrete cornice. The wooden forms give extra strength to the edges of the blocks during the pumper truck concrete back fill process.

stainless steel threaded rods

Our cement floor tiles, Villa Lagoon Tile, are in transit from Port of Miami. We have our rented container here in which to store them. We can keep other materials in this nice container too. They are great if a tropical storm is threatening. Construction sites are particularly venerable in high winds as there are usually a lot of building materials lying around. Having a container can make all the difference.

construction storage container

We had a new puppy dog on the job Friday.  He is sporting a blue tattoo between his eyes.

Shawn (left) owner of puppy dog.

So now we are waiting on an inspection, the back-fill pour and the delivery of the Villa Lagoon Tile.