Chronicles of the Design & Construction of Two Waterfront Hurricane Proof Dry Stack Modular Green Custom Homes
1. Villa Lagoon, Wilder Italian Style Home
2. Nasello Italian Style Home

1. Villa Lagoon - Wilder House Construction Journal

This site is to journal the Wilder Phase II Gulf Coast waterfront dry stack modular concrete block home. This stone block project which is a second phase of the small Gulf Coast waterfront home built with the DAC-ART Building System.

hurricane proof guesthouse for coastal living

Some History: The original small Italian style Phase I was completed in 2003 as a 600 sq. ft. pool/guest/office and has received considerable media attention. It was previously chronicled on the web.  This web folder that was intended as a private journal for family and friends became a very popular website for people interested in classic architecture and unique custom home construction. It became clear that there were many people worldwide interested in alternative and modular building systems. Because DAC-ART is a new way to build a strong and handsome home, people were fascinated to see the step-by-step photos.

Current Photos Here    Overview Video Here

The original tiny guest house has been featured in Coastal Living Magazine twice, the DIY TV Network, NBC Affiliate News, Memphis newspaper twice, Mobile newspaper, Concrete Homes Magazine and withstood several major hurricanes.  The original website that chronicles the construction of this small home currently received between 10,000 and 12,000 visitors daily.  Now the main house - Phase II us under construction.

It only makes sense to build a fortified concrete home if you build in a hurricane zone. This building system has stood up to previous storms and we expect it to still be standing after the next Gulf Coast hurricane. Watch our progress and check back to see how we fare thru the storms over the years in this dry stack concrete stone block construction.

2. Nasello Residence

Nasello House Journal - begun 2006, Alabama Coast, completed 2008

The Nasello home, is a large DAC-ART Building System home on a rugged lot surrounded by a wildlife reserve and very close to the Gulf of Mexico.  Contact Jerry Nasello for home sale info... phone 1(251)223-1234.

Concrete beach front home-hurricane proof

My friends, Mary and Jerry Nasello's DAC-ART Home is being built before mine. The house is an impressive structure and the Gulf views are spectacular. Nasello residence construction journal.

Dac-Art stands for Dial Architectural Components, a modular concrete block building system developed by Ted Dial. Ted is drawing the plans for both of these houses as well as furnishing the Dac-Art Blocks. These huge, hollow, tinted man made stone blocks are dry set using heavy equipment and the seams are grouted after they are set. The hollow blocks are back-filled with concrete and contain rebar that runs both laterally and vertically throughout the blocks producing a very strong structure. All DAC-ART buildings are custom construction and all are very different.

We hope this documentation will help those considering using this product or doing any custom residential construction to gauge just how long the total concept to 'Certificate of Occupancy' time span can be. Visitors will also be able to catch a glimpse of the frustrations and the victories involved in building an unusual custom home and creating a visually rich unique dwelling.

Nice little video of a DAC-ART Block being set in place ..1 min, 22 sec.

Links to other Coastal Water Front Hurricane Proof Modular Residential Projects

Rock Solid Architecture meets Old World Charm

Gulf Breeze, FL: Susan and David Vosbein's Feature in Southern Coast Home Design. DAC-ART custom home near Pensacola nearing completion.  See Photos.  Now on the market - great buy, under cost... See 360 tour.

Florida Coastal Home: videos showing the construction of an Italian Country Villa private residence in Southwest Florida. Follow the progress of a limestone block Palladio styled circa 16th century Italian Country Villa under construction in Naples, Florida. The house is authentic to following the Rules of Architecture as establish by Andrea Palladio.  Videos of Dac-Art Construction.

Mississippi Coastal Home: Patti and Jay Golden lost their beachfront home in Biloxi, Mississippi when hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Mississippi gulf coast. Their home was three bricks thick, 90 years old, and over two stories tall.  Jay and Patti decided that they were never going to take another chance with a storm. They researched every option available on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and decided that Dac-Art is definitely the best solution. Dac-Art provides both strength and beauty. Follow their progress here.

Mississippi Gulf Coast: Christine and Gray Slay on Coastal Mississippi... See Photos

See something NEW...Concrete acid stain used on the exterior of a residence.