Chronicles of the Design & Construction of Two Waterfront Hurricane Proof Dry Stack Modular Green Custom Homes
1. Villa Lagoon, Wilder Italian Style Home
2. Nasello Italian Style Home

May 2008

We are pleased to learn that we will be able to hang a nice cypress wood swing from Yard Envy on the lower porch of the south facing porches toward Little Lagoon. This will be a lovely place to catch the late afternoon breezes and watch the sunset.

Hammocks, bird houses, bird feeders, teak furniture, sundials and more at www.YardEnvy.com

Various things have come up this week. We had planned to have another concrete back-fill pour this week but today when the inspector came he asked about engineering on the large beam across the house where the two parts join. Mike went to the DAC-ART plant to meet with Ted Dial to see if he could get the engineering paperwork for our inspector. Hope they can come up with some !

It is interesting to me how the colors vary on the various cornice parts. I may do a bit of cheating and add some reddish paint to the narrow red line at the top of the acid stain colored area on the cornice.

Mike has begun to stack the blocks for my driveway posts. It will probably become necessary to have gates that lock pretty soon. Ever since the hurricanes, our crime rate has gone up, up, up. A lot of people moved into the area from other parts for various reasons. Not nearly enough left afterwards. I asked Mike to go ahead and stack them so some of the concrete truck clean-out cement could go into them and not on the ground.

Today two hydraulic crane repair fellows came out to replace a relay and a switch on our crane. We had also wanted them to do some other things but they could not get a pin to come loose so we may just finish the job with the crane as is and have the repairs done before we sell it.

It is getting close to the time for trusses and roof. Matt from Swift Supply came out today to take some measurements. These photos show Dan Z. and Matt measuring the tops of the walls and the distance between the porch columns. Matt had drawings ready the next day. He has devised trusses that will give up a bit more ceiling height. The maple ceiling from Acoustical Ceiling Products (ACP,Inc.) should fit into the areas nicely with its two foot coffered ceiling grid.

The front of one of the blocks that was sawed out is here in the sand, it look like "Another One Bites the Dust" as we step over it. A decorative concrete block was suppose to have gone under the big panel but our team accidentally stacked regular blocks up one row too high.

Stuff Happens !

Now the right decorative blocks are installed under the panels between the windows on each side. Insertion of the large flat panels will come next. Towards the end of May we decided to send the man-lift back to the rental company. We were waiting on getting our inspection from the building dept here in Gulf Shores. We lost a week while we got an engineer to sign off on the big beam that goes all the way across the width of the building. Anil Badve, who has worked on this job and other DAC-ART jobs before came out and may have to make an additional visit before it is all over. Of course, we like Anil and would be happy to have him visit anytime when he is not charging for the visit :o)

Last week of May

The crane was used to raise and place the first panel, the one facing north. It is not quite as wide as the opening, so the plan is to form it up and pour concrete between the panel and the block walls. This will leave me an area on the interior that will need to be given some finishing treatment. There are many options, mosaics, cement tiles, or just finish it off in DAC-ART looking surface coat.

Next came the other two panels. In all three cases, Mike had them drill a big old hole directly thru the panel... at fist I gasp... then Mike told me that they had done Jerry Nasello's panels the same way and once they filled the hole and resurfaced the fill, that you could not tell that it had been drilled.

All three panels have wood supports to keep them perfectly plumb for now. Roxy, the doggie of the jobsite, is usually on the prowl with a stick or ball in her teeth, but here she is napping in the shade.

Summer has come and the days get pretty hot in mid-day.

Now that most of the blocks and cornices have been used or moved close, we can mow the grass and hope that with a bit of fertilizer that the St. Augustine will fill in the bare spots before the thorny dewberry (a wild raspberry) or dollar weed does.