Chronicles of the Design & Construction of Two Waterfront Hurricane Proof Dry Stack Modular Green Custom Homes
1. Villa Lagoon, Wilder Italian Style Home
2. Nasello Italian Style Home

Kitchen Countertops in a Contemporary Styled Kitchen in Concrete Hurricane Proof Home

November 2008

Granite Transformations counter top material

It has been a struggle, but I can say that I have finally found a countertop material that will look good with our Villa Lagoon Tile floors. It is a recycled glass and resin product from Granite Transformations that is primarily designed for kitchen renovations but we will be using it for new construction. It is a thin veneer that is constructed to slip over existing kitchen counters and not raise the height but a dab. In our case, we will be making our counter tops of wood or MgO board and fitting the resin and glass material over it. We need the material to bend into curves and that is going to be a real challenge for the fabricator. The funny thing is that online this same color looked like it might match the aqua shade in the floor tile, but low and behold, it is the same shade as the blue.

Granite Transformations recycled counter tops

Darrin Clanton from Granite Transformations came out and carefully measured our curvy kitchen layout and also the bathroom sink cabinets.

If we decide to use Granite Transformations, we will also let them make our bathroom counters. A fabo sparkly black for the main bathroom and recycled glass white in the guest room bath.

I was so glad that I took another look at the Granite Transformation website to see the new colors. Originally I learned of them at a condo owners expo here in Gulf Shores. Back then the colors they offered were mostly earth tones which would not have worked in our setting, but now they have all these wonderful new colors.

Darrin showed me a counter top material that is made from recycled beer bottles and it is beautiful. The sparkly brown is not a color I can use at Villa Lagoon, but I'd sure use it in the right setting. Unfortunately my photo just doesn't catch the twinkle of reflected light in it very well.

Granite Countertops from Recycled Beer Bottles

Update: Alas, it looks like we will not be able to use this product for our counters. Our curves make for very difficult fabrication using Granite Transformations so it would cost a great deal.

I am waiting on some samples of a Formica brand solid surface material and to speak with the Avonite district rep.

Another Update: Everything is expensive. All solid surface materials and fabrications that is. I have looked at all the laminate choices, like Formica, Wilsonart, etc...and there are almost no light colors that would work in this room. Looks like I will be making some home made glass tile and glass blob mosaic countertops. See web pages for Jan or Feb. 2009.