Chronicles of the Design & Construction of Two Waterfront Hurricane Proof Dry Stack Modular Green Custom Homes
1. Villa Lagoon, Wilder Italian Style Home
2. Nasello Italian Style Home

The Blocks Start Arriving from Granada, Mississippi

Thursday Night, July 12, 2007

DAC-ART Blocks arrive from Granada, MS Unloading the first load of concrete blocks

Just on the verge of a possible huge storm, we got over to the Lagoon house to unplug the computer after getting a phone call from a friend in Foley that a tornado had been spotted out our way. It was pitch black dark. Mike & his son, Trace, had lights set up and the first truck of blocks arrived. They unloaded as fast as possible, but the storm must have slipped north of us cause we never got any wind, etc...

The next day we could see what they looked like...all cornices. 

Next morning, Friday, another truck arrived and was unloaded. The ground was still pretty firm then.

Using a rented lull to lift a dac-art cornice block for villa lagoon house.
truck delivery of heavy dacart blocks Rows of dry stack concrete blocks, man made stone

A while later, a second truck arrived on Friday... still more cornice blocks.

On Saturday morning I saw that a whole load of straight blocks had been delivered and unloaded. They are packed in about as tight as possible.

Solid concrete lintels go above the windows and doors. Dry stack blocks laid out in rows awaiting construction.

A number of solid lintels had been delivered and are on the west side of the yard for now. They go over the window and door openings.

So what we have now is a lot of blocks delivered in a short amount of time.

Last truck load of blocks on Saturday.

Another load of blocks arrived ! By now we had rain over and over between deliveries.

It has not rained much around here for about a year, but now, all of a sudden, we are getting rain every day... in Granada it has rained as well. One piece of the loading equipment got stuck and a big time wrecker had to be called.

It has rained all day on Sunday, so the ground is like one fluffy marshmallow... sure hope it stops for a while, the ground is starting to get real torn up. I know most of it will eventually, but just for the sake of erosion and dust, better later than now.