Chronicles of the Design & Construction of Two Waterfront Hurricane Proof Dry Stack Modular Green Custom Homes
1. Villa Lagoon, Wilder Italian Style Home
2. Nasello Italian Style Home

Upper Story Italian Flattened Arch Blocks

This huge crane is here to place the heavy Italian style flattened arch blocks. Early May 2007.

30 Ton crane getting ready to place flattened arch blocks Closeup of crane
Lintel on ground ready for placement big-crane-cab.jpg

Raising the lintel for the italian style arches

lowering the lintel into position

Started out we knew that we had to put in five 16,000 pound arches on the porch for the top floor. We also knew that due to the size and weight of the crane we needed that we wouldn't be able to position the crane in the ideal location which would be the southern side of the house. If we located it there, it , no doubt, would have gotten stuck in the wetlands because the crane needed to move the 16,000 lb.  arches was a 90 ton crane with a 110 ft boom. Therefore we positioned the crane on the eastern side of the house where we had already poured sand with a crushed limestone 4" surface. We knew we would have to reach over the entire porch which is 26 ft long and 45' high in order to drop the arch on the western side of the porch. This monstrous size crane was a bargain at $2,800 a day. We actually shopped around and one crane co wanted $3,600 a day. Ours came from Mobile. The reason the arch weighed so much is because they were solid DAC-ART concrete reinforced with extra thick rebar.

Placing the lintel Lowering the stone arch into place
Lintel Placement Closeup of concrete stone arch
Man Lift Interior view of Italian Flattened Arch

Concrete Block Arches Workmen on upper porch
Lowering end block of the arch Concrete stone Italian Arch
Stone Arch and workmen Concrete Arch in Place
View of Arches from above Arches viewed from above
View of Gulf and Arches Arches framing view of Gulf