Chronicles of the Design & Construction of Two Waterfront Hurricane Proof Dry Stack Modular Green Custom Homes
1. Villa Lagoon, Wilder Italian Style Home
2. Nasello Italian Style Home

House Numbers

Custom House Numbers - Custom made address numbers for home or business in any style (font), height and thickness of your choice. You can use their Price Calculators  to get an idea of what your choice of style and material will cost. They have a have a 3 stage process for placing an order online. You send them an online RFQ--request for a quote. They then comply with your request, and send you a price quote and a dimensioned drawing. If everything suits you , you can You reply to the price quote & drawing by placing an order in 1 of the following ways: 1) Click on the 'buy now' link in the Price Quote email. This will take you to Paypal where you can easily and securely make a payment, OR... 2) Fax your shipping, billing, telephone and credit card details. 3) Phone them to provide shipping billing, telephone and credit card information. www.customhousenumbers.com

WestOn House Numbers

WestOn Numbers, aka Architectural Numbers - High quality cast aluminum, cast bronze, and stainless steel address numbers and letters. This website has house numbers in 41 styles and 12 different finishes. They are easy to install with no visible holes on the numbers. Can be installed flush against the wall or with spacers. This company offers a lifetime warranty and a generous return policy. Order online. www.ArchitecturalNumbers.com

Buy Sign Letters Buy Sign Acrylic Letters

Buy Sign Letters - This online store sells a huge selection of aluminum house numbers, sign house numbers, metal house numbers, brass house numbers, bronze house numbers, copper house numbers, stainless steel house numbers, cast aluminum house numbers, cast bronze house numbers, plastic house numbers, acrylic house numbers, foam house numbers and Greek alphabet house letters for fraternity or sorority houses or offices. You will be amazed at what they offer. The web is so cool. www.BuySignLetters.com

Design with in Reach sells house numbers based on the font that architect Richard Neutra used in his MidCentury Modern buildings. They stand away from the surface and are perfect for a contemporary home or for contrast on a traditional house. The stainless steel spacers make it look like the house numbers are floating above the surface. Not cheap at $68 each but they make a big design statement. www.dwr.com

Avalon Garden House Plaque

Avalon Garden - This site sells address marker and address plaques of various types. They have the typical cast aluminum ones but they also offer ceramic tiles. The blue tiles with white house numbers are very distinctive and classic. These plaques are made of a mystery substance: 'Catalina Collection emulates the soft style of ceramics without the risk of breakage'. They really do offer a big selection of cast aluminum address markers, in both vertical and horizontal shapes. They even offer a cast aluminum lawn wedding plaque. www.avalongarden.com

Dard Hunter Style house numbers are good for a arts and crafts look. They come in brass, aluminum, and powder coat paint in black. They mount with just nails or screws. www.crafthome.com

Solar House Number

Solar House Numbers - laser cut aluminum four inches tall with a solar light behind them gives a soft glow on your porch or entrance. A very cool way to make your address easy to see.  www.matterinc.com

Best Nest House Number Plaque

Best Nest Post Style House Numbers - Whitehall makes a post to place at the end of the driveway on which you can put your home's address to make it easy on guests and delivery trucks. It comes in white, bronze, and black. They sell you peel and stick numbers to go on it. Best Nest also has plaque house numbers and various styles.  www.bestnest.com

Copper House Numbers

Solid Copper House Numbers - Made by Chaenomeles as 4 1/2 inch solid copper numbers wielded to a bar with legs that you can drive into the ground. The pieces are custom made and take a few weeks for delivery. Pricey. www.chaenomeles.com

Ceramic House Numbers

Ceramic House Numbers - you will want to have a look at www.ceramichousenumbers.com 

address plaques for your home

Address Plaques -- www.addressplaques.com

Aluminum House Numbers House Number Connection Fancy House Numbers

House Number Connection is a division of Decor and Restore, has a slightly zany website and metal cut-out house numbers in all sorts of cool styles with names like 'Frightful', Futurama", Neanderthal", etc... If you want unique house numbers, look here.

They feature solid copper, brass and aluminum numbers both plain and bonded with durable semi-gloss black powdercoat. No ferrous metals are used so you don't have to worry about rust streaks developing. They also have tile house numbers. The tile house numbers come in a variety of configurations.... black or white paint on the number itself, terra cotta background, white background, etc. Pick your pleasure based on the style of your home and that which allows the best street visibility with the exterior of your home. The tiles are weatherproof and have been tested to meet the freeze thaw requirements of ASTM:C67 for brick and structural clay tile but I couldn't find them on the site The phone number is everywhere, so just call. www.housenumberconnection.com

This company also offers handsome hardware at www.crafthome.com and www.rusticconnection.com 

http://www.housenumbers.com.au/ Ceramic hand painted house numbers shipped world-wide. House Numbers directory

Tips: To get an idea how the numbers you are considering using can be seen from the street or by passing vehicles, try using your inkjet or laser printer to print them on cardstock or paper. Cut them out and use some tape to place them where you are considering. You may find that you need to move them so they are not hidden by a tree or you may find that you want them to be larger.

Numbers should be at least three or four inches tall. If they are not lit then make sure they are covered with a reflective material so they will be lit up by  passing headlights.

Avoid hard to read or script fonts.

Remember that if you put house numbers on your front door that a storm or screen door might cover them later.

For interesting doorbells, see www.craftsmandoorbells.com