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Cuban Tile Books, Barcelona Tiles, Encaustic Cement Floor Tiles Books

These FANTASTIC books are available now:

Cement Tile: Evolution of an art form / El Mosaico Hidraulico: Arte en evolucion (Spanish Edition)

Cement Tile - Jorge Aguayo's family factory published this book in celebration of their cement tile factory's 60th anniversary. It explores the evolution of cement tile as a unique floor and wall covering.  See how each tile is individually made by artisans in over 15 different countries and learn how to install and care for them. Many great full color photos and wonderful photos of manufacturing cement tile.

Barcelona Tiles Book

Barcelona Tile Designs - by Mario Arturo Hernandez Navarro. Portarricense graphic designer, trained in the USA, a researcher of the hydraulic design of pavements. Both single tiles and whole patterns and borders are shown, and the tiles on the included CD make it possible to create designs in any shape and size. A great resource for design professionals and hobbyists, or anyone who just wants to know more.

My copy came today and I cannot put it down. The CD has every tile design from the book in both low and high resolution. It is truly tessellated tile heaven. 

Havana Tile Design Book

And this book is by the same author ..You can order it from Amazon

Havana Tile Design - and CD for graphic artists and researchers

The Barcelona Tile book is the best information I have run across yet. The books are mainly graphics of tile designs, but also have info on history, etc... It doesn't have photos of the manufacturing process, but you can see those on all the websites I have linked to. 

Cuban Elegance Book

Cuban Elegance features many rooms with old world Cuban cement tiles. This lavishly illustrated, absorbing volume offers a view of the island seldom seen by most visitors. This book presents not the picturesque Cuba of Castro's era with its derelict buildings and peeling paint, but the opulent world of the Spanish Creole aristocracy of the colonial period, which has continued to influence Cuban taste and cultural life on a more modest scale even to this day.

Inside Havana--An elegant hotel now serving as an elementary school...the parlor of a grand mansion transformed into a barbershop... these are Havana's most intimate spaces. This book has photos taken over four years of access to the private interiors of Cuba's capital.  Andrew Moore has created an portrait of both its legendary historic architecture and the city's inner life.


Fábrica de mosaicos hidráulicos: granito, piedra artificial y cemento armado by Gabarró, Tarrida y Ca. - An antique book that is in The Art Institute of Chicago Library(Chicago, IL 60603 United States)  as a reference book. I have not seen it, but would like to. , In Spanish, Publisher: Igualada : La Compañia, [19--], OCLC: 79067063


These books have info on Encaustic Cement Tiles also called Cement Tiles, Hydraulic Floor Tile, Encaustic Tiles, Hidraulico, Hydraulic Tiles, Ladrilhos Hidráulicos, Carreaux de Ciments, Spanish Mission Tilee, Redondo Tile, Rajoles Hidràuliques. Baldosas Hidráulicas, Pasta Potosi, Mosaicos Hidralicos... and Tile Floor tile Layout Programs Online all gathered whilst researching this amazing floorcovering for use in our own construction of a hurricane proof home. Worldwide, the terms that are used to describe this type of concrete tiles vary by region. Terms include: Cement Tiles, Hydraulic Floor Tile, Encaustic Tiles, Hidraulico, Hydraulic Tiles, Ladrilhos Hidráulicos, Ladril,  Carreaux de Ciments, Spanish Mission Tiles, redondo tile, Rajoles hidràuliques. Baldosas hidráulicas, Baldosa Hidraulica, Pasta Potosi Tile depending on the language and the country. In Brazil mosaicos hidráulicos are also called "ladrilho de água".

These durable, classic tiles are still made in abundance outside the U.S. I have found evidence of plants existing and producing floor and wall tile in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and other places.  See my list.

In the USA - Villa Lagoon Tile - Encaustic Cement Tile, Old World Look with today's colors. Weatherproof, sand proof, for floors that will outlast you by centuries.