Chronicles of the Design & Construction of Two Waterfront Hurricane Proof Dry Stack Modular Green Custom Homes
1. Villa Lagoon, Wilder Italian Style Home
2. Nasello Italian Style Home

Pouring the backfill concrete into the cavity of the 5th course of blocks.

Because of the design of each block the concrete will flow both vertically and horizontally thru the courses. We are pouring two courses at a time. The mix contains some aggregate (rock) and the mix is designed to be pumped. As the height increases, it becomes necessary to have a concrete delivery truck with a very tall boom pump.

You can see the rebar sticking up and out of the tops of the DAC-ART concrete blocks. The arches over the garage openings are one piece. On the north elevation we will have 3 fake doors. On the eastern side we will have 4 functional garage doors-- three will have arched tops. As the courses are stacked, we continue to add rebar and conduit for electrical wiring plus plumbing in the interior core of the blocks.

Photos by Jerry Nasello